As the distributor of the market-leading AKCP monitoring systems in the Australia-Pacific, Duons provides a turnkey product backed up by our in-house support and technical expertise.
Why Monitor

Why monitor your critical infrastructure?

With over a quarter of all business outages caused by environmental factors like heating and cooling failure, disruptions in power supply and extreme weather events, it's essential to keep tabs on key metrics in the critical infrastructure environment.
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Why choose AKCP?

With many options available, it's important to understand why investing in quality pays off. Duons recommends AKCP as its preferred technology, having put it and its competitors through an exhaustive audit of hardware and software performance. Established in 1981 in the USA, AKCP was instrumental in the formation of a market for networked temperature, environmental and power monitoring. Today, they are the world's oldest and largest manufacturer of SNMP-enabled sensors. Backed by Duons excellent product knowledge and post-sales support, it really does offer an unrivalled return on your investment.
AKCP is the world’s oldest and largest manufacturer of SNMP enabled networked sensors
AKCP counts among our customers Fortune 500 companies, banks, government agencies and the military.

Trusted by leading brands around the globe

Counting among its clients fortune 500 companies, banks, government agencies and the military, you can deploy with confidence, knowing that you are using a solution that is widely regarded as 'best practice'. With users from the aerospace, defence, education, legal, law enforcement, media and mining sectors (just to name a few), AKCP enjoys a reputation for quality and versatility.

Multi-dimensional monitoring to cover all areas

As the world’s largest manufacturer of SNMP-enabled sensors, AKCP offers comprehensive monitoring across the full range of parameters and categories – temperature, environmental, power, security and industrial. Their base units (platforms) come in a wide range of input and output capacities, mounting options and price brackets, catering to the full spectrum of installations – from the quite small to extremely large. In addition to providing all the standard monitoring parameters – temperature, humidity, water/flooding, power conditions and more – AKCP also provides numerous specialised sensors, security sensors, IP CCTV cameras and access accessories like RFID and fingerprint locks, distinguishing them among the competition.

Multi dimensional monitoring

3rd party sensors welcome

Unlike many other manufacturers, AKCP doesn't lock you into using only their brand of sensors. This is a point of frustration for end-users who find themselves in the situation of suddenly requiring a new type of sensor that their chosen monitoring brand doesn't offer. In such cases, users of brands that don't allow for 3rd-party hardware integration are given little choice but to wait and see if the required sensor is developed and made available by the manufacturer, give up on monitoring it altogether, or invest in an entirely new solution from the ground up!

The 4-20mA sensor massively expands monitoring potential by enabling the connection of any sensor using the common 4-20mA protocol

Many of AKCP's competitors market themselves as SNMP and Modbus compatible, by which they mean they can send data via these common protocols to 3rd-party SNMP and Modbus enabled hardware and software systems. However, this is only half the story. AKCP is a truly open ecosystem because it can not only send to but receive data from (act as server and client) 3rd-party systems. This two-way compatibility is quite unique among networked monitoring systems.

AKCP also offers a 4-20 mAmp option. Via a low-cost module connects to 3rd-party sensors measuring a wide range of parameters such as dust concentration, gases (C0, C02, H etc), proximity and more. These sensors output a current in the industry standard 4-20 mAmp range, which then feeds back into your AKCP system, outputting a reading that can be configured to give alerts based on the levels it is measuring (e.g. a "Dangerous Levels!" alert could be triggered if Carbon Monoxide gas were detected in a work space).

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System overview

System overview

AKCP's ecosystem of sensor and security platforms (base-units), optional expansion packs, intelligent environmental, power, security and specialist sensors, plus a wide range of accessories, represents the culmination of 30+ years of experience and innovation in the field. Add to that the sophisticated and easy-to-use AKCess Pro Server software backed by outstanding technical support by Duons and the manufacturer, and the result is a comprehensive critical infrastructure monitoring solution that can cater for a range of applications like data centres, server rooms, distributed telco sites and BTS shelters, cold storage facilities, industrial sites and more.
  • SensorProbe+ Platform

    AKCP's SensorProbe+ series represents the cutting edge of networked environmental, power and security monitoring. Thanks to a powerful on-board CPU and 16MB flash memory, all units in the SP+ come with sophisticated embedded software that offer advanced plug and play monitoring, easily accessed via a secure IP address.

    The SP2+ is a powerful yet compact base unit sporting an impressive 4 x inputs, expansion options and a sophisticated embedded web-server for IP monitoring.
    SP2+ - Powerful plug & play monitoring

    The SP2+ represents an economical and compact yet highly customisable and effective monitoring solution for your critical infrastructure. With an impressive 4-port capacity, in-built buzzer and LED sensor status indicators, optional Modbus and dry contact sensor compatibility, plus the potential for expansion to accommodate hundreds of sensors on a single unit, the SP2+ is unrivalled in its class.

    SPX+ - Build your own rack-mounted solution

    This latest generation unit offers a rack-mount form factor catering for 1U/0U/DIN rail mounting. Its low profile design and plug-in customisation options make it economical on space. Choose from standard configs or build from optional modules:

    • Dry contact inputs
    • Internal modem
    • IO’s
    • Additional intelligent sensor port
    SPX+ stacked v2
  • SensorProbe Platform

    AKCP's SensorProbe series offers a lower-cost, simple but effective monitoring platform with the option for extra intelligent sensor and dry contact ports.

    The SP2 offers simple and cost-effective environmental monitoring
    SP2 - simple, effective and low-cost monitoring for critical environmental conditions

    With dual intelligent sensor ports, optional PoE and an embedded web-server, the SP2 offers a quick and easy solution for customers looking to implement basic monitoring for conditions like temperature and humidity (perfect for small server rooms).

    As with the SP2+, the standard RJ45 input ports can be adapted for dry contact monitoring by using a special cable, enabling the connection of up to 10 I/O dry contact sensors.

    Advanced configurations

    The sensorProbe range offers 4 additional 1U mount configurations if additional intelligent sensor ports and I/O dry contact ports are required (4/8 = no. intelligent sensor ports, X20/60 = no. of I/O dry contact ports)

    • sensorProbe4
    • sensorProbe8
    • sensorProbe8-X20
    • sensorProbe8-X60
    1U rack mounted options with additional sensor ports
  • SecurityProbe Platform

    With the ability to integrate CCTV cameras (including HD and pan & tilt functionality), advanced expansion capacity facilitating the use of hundreds of sensors on a single base unit, an SD card for integrated storage, plus a host of other features, AKCP's securityProbe range adds a powerful set of security and control capabilities vital for monitoring critical infrastructure sites.

    The securityProbe adds CCTV, additional ports and expansion options to the sensorProbe/Probe+ series
    securityProbe 5ESV - the complete environmental, access control and security monitoring solution

    Thanks to its powerful AKCP i.MX25 Processor, 128 Megabytes of on-board NAND flash memory and the capability to expand the memory by up to 2GB via the in-built SD card slot, the 5ESV packs a lot of features into one compact unit. It offers a comprehensive platform for the complete surveillance of your critical infrastructure sites, combining the environmental and power monitoring capabilities with full CCTV integration.

    • View live video streams and sensor info on any browser courtesy of the unit's embedded web server
    • Control up to 4 PTDZ cameras directly through the web interface
    • Record digital video to remote servers or internal memory, send live images to your own website, or stream video live on your smartphone
    • Connect up to 4 HD digital cameras and simultaneously display images up to 640 x 480px resolution
    Configurations with additional intelligent sensor and I/O dry contact ports

    The securityProbe range offers 9 different 1U rackmount configurations, catering for different camera input types and optional I/O dry contact ports (5ES = no video ports, 5E = BNC video ports, 5ESV = HD [USB] video ports; X20/60 = no. of I/O dry contact ports)

    • securityProbe 5ES
    • securityProbe 5ES-X20
    • securityProbe 5ES-X60
    • securityProbe 5E
    • securityProbe 5E-X20
    • securityProbe 5E-X60
    • securityProbe 5ESV
    • securityProbe 5ESV-X20 
    •  securityProbe 5ESV-X60 
  • Product Matrix

    OU rackmount / wall hang OU rackmount / wall hang 1U rackmount
      1U rackmount 1U rackmount  
    Interface ports
    100 Base-T ethernet RJ45 100 Base-T ethernet RJ45  100 Base-T ethernet RJ45 
        1 x optional RJ-45 expansion port  2/4 x expansion ports
          1 x RS485 Modbus port  
    Power consumption
    Typically 1-1.5 Watt  Typically 1 Watt   Typically 5 Watts
    2, 4 or 8 x Intelligent Sensor Ports for connecting AKCP sensors (RJ45)  4 or 8 Intelligent x Sensor Ports for connecting AKCP sensors (RJ45)  8 x Intelligent Sensor ports for connecting AKCP Sensors (RJ-45)
      20 / 60 x dry contact ports (optional) 10 / 20 x dry contact ports (optional) 20 / 60 x dry contact ports
          1 x USB port
          Audio-in (analog) 2.5" jack
          4 x optional analog or digital camera ports (optional)
    Configurable output signals (0VDC/5VDC) on any of the Intelligent Sensor ports  Configurable output signals (0VDC/5VDC) on any of the Intelligent Sensor ports Ext. Speaker Out, 2.5″ (Analog)
          Mic Out (Analog) 2.5″ for modem application
    Operating environment
    Temperature : Min. -35°C – Max. 80°C Temperature : Min. -35°C – Max. 80°C Temperature : Min. -35°C – Max. 55°C
      Humidity : Min. 20% – Max. 80% (Non-Condensing) Humidity : Min. 20% – Max. 80% (Non-Condensing) Humidity : Min. 20% – Max. 80% (Non-Condensing)
      CPU: AKCP STM32F4 MCU CPU: AKCP i.MX25 Processor
        16 MB Flash memory On-board SD card slot
  • Sensor Matrix

    Sensor categories environmental
    Sensor categories security
    Sensor categories power
    Sensor categories specialised
    Thermal map Thermal map traffic light Sensor status light inline power meter Inline power meter Tank depth pressure Tank depth pressure sensor
    Temperature Temperature RFID swing lock RFID swing handle lock mini sensor controlled relay Mini sensor controlled relay Battery terminal temperature Battery terminal temperature
    Temphum 1x port temperature & humidity security Security sensor 4 20mA 4-20mAmp sensor Sensor adapter Sensor adapter
    Daisy chain Daisy-chain temperature vibration Vibration 5x dry contact 5 dry contact inputs (SP2&SP2+ only) Modbus adpater Modbus adapter
    Temperature Temperature (water-resistant) motion PIR motion detector 8 port sensor controlled relay 8port sensor controlled relay Rope fuel sensor Rope fuel sensor
    Temphum water resist 1x port temperature & humidity (water-resistant) siren Siren & strobe light AC voltage AC sensor-controlled relay LCD display LCD display
    Water spot Spot water detector smoke Smoke detector AC voltage AC voltage sensor Probe switch Probe switch
    Rope water Rope water sensor     IO digital8 IO-digital8 sensor Ultrasonic fuel level Ultrasonic fuel level
    locate water Locate water sensor     DC sensor controlled relay DC sensor-controlled relay    
    JK adapter J-K thermocouple adapters     dry contact Dry contact sensor    
    thermocouple Thermocouple     isolated DC voltage Isolated DC voltage sensor    
    Air velocity Air velocity     power monitoring Power monitoring sensor    
    Airflow Airflow     current transformers Current transformers    
  • Temperature & Humidity Monitoring

    Crucial environmental metrics for critical infrastructure

    The need to ensure that temperature and humidity at critical infrastructure sites involving extensive electronics and computing equipment - such as server rooms and data centres - remains within acceptable ranges has long been a critical part of the evolution of networked monitoring systems. Because the failure rate of electronic components and semiconductors increases as the temperature rises, high temperatures result in reduced performance and even complete shutdown of systems.

    Cabinet thermal maps

    With up to up to 11 sensor metrics built in to a probe that connects to a single RJ45 port, the AKCP cabinet thermal map sensor offers an unmatched sensing capacity for its price bracket. Monitoring temperature at six points (bottom, middle and top at fron and rear of your cabinet), with optional humidity monitoring at an additional two points, the thermal map sensor gives a complete overview of your cabinet environment, including the important metrics of temperature differential between the front and rear of cabinet. Backed by the outstanding thermal map animation offered in both IP-based monitoring from your SP+ base unit's embedded web server and the AKCPro Server software, this unique sensor represents the future of environmental monitoring for server rooms and data centres.

    30+ temperature / humidity sensors, catering for every deployment

    AKCP offers a large range of temperature and humidity sensors with various cable lengths, IP ratings, sensing ranges and configuration options. The most simple option is the fixed length sensor type - a semiconductor type temperature / humidity probe linked by CAT5 to an RJ45 terminal, for plugging into the AKCP base unit. These variable length sensors are available in standardised lengths: 1ft (~0.3m) / 15ft (~4.5m) / 40ft (~12.2m) / 60ft (~18.3m) / 100ft (~30.5m). You can also specify your own custom length, and opt for water-resistant versions.

    AKCP's fixed length temperature / humidity sensors connect directly to the base unit
    Temperature humidity variable length

    The single-port temperature / humidity sensor allows you to connect it to your base unit with a CAT5 cable, extending its range by up to 300 m (provided you use a quality cable). All AKCP's sensors go through rigorous testing and calibration before leaving the factory, and can operate within a range of -75 to +55°C (a measurement range of -200 to +800°C is possible using AKCP's thermocouple sensors). All AKCP's temperature sensors and probes have a measurement rate of one reading per second, giving you peace of mind that you will be given virtually instantaneous alerts of critical temperature fluctuations at your infrastructure site.

  • Integrating 3rd-party Sensors

      Modbus Protocol is a messaging structure developed by Modicon in 1979. It is used to establish master-slave/client-server communication between intelligent devices.
    Integration via Modbus TCP/IP or RTU

    AKCP's SP+ base units are distinct from the competition for their bi-directional Modbus gateway capacity - meaning they can act as both a Modbus server (slave unit) as well as client (master unit).

    The Modbus client capability is extremely useful as it enables end-users who have previously invested in non-AKCP sensors, including legacy industrial sensors and hardware operating on the RS485 serial connection, to integrate all their monitoring hardware into AKCP's simple yet powerful IP-based monitoring platform.

    All base SPX+ base units come with an expansion port as standard, enabling the connection of Modbus RS485 hardware by splitting the 10 strands of a CAT5 cable into the appropriate pairings, or for ease of use, opting for one of AKCP's convenient modbus adapter units. If you already have another IP-based monitoring system that is Modbus TCP/IP compatible, it is even easier to integrate its sensors into your monitoring ecosystem. 

    AKCP's Modbus adapter allows for simple connection of legacy hardware via the RS485 serial protocol
    3rd party sensor metrics represented alongside AKCP proprietary sensor metrics on the IP-based monitoring dashboard

    By configuring 3rd-party sensors to send data via Modbus TCP/IP, and setting up virtual sensors in the AKCP monitoring software, users can enjoy the benefits of having all their environmental, power, industrial and other sensor metrics curated in a single interface. This method offers the full functionality of the AKCP software - the ability to have data plotted as graphs, displayed as widgets like gauges and thermometers, configure alert actions like notification emails in the event of readings outside of the normal range, and more.

    The SNMP protocol provides another option for integration of 3rd party hardware with virtual sensor representation in the AKCP software interface.

    Open up a world of possibilities via 4-20mA

    The 4-20mA current loop is a very popular communication standard for industrial sensing, SCADA and automated control applications. It is an ideal technique for data transmission in industrial environments because of its inherent insensitivity to electrical noise. Thus there are a wide range of sensors that utilise 4-20mA current loop outputs to communicate their data: weather sensors (wind direction/speed, barometric pressure etc), gas detectors (CO, CO2, H2 etc), proximity sensors, altimeters, light detectors, and many more specialised industrial instruments.

    The 4-20mA sensor massively expands monitoring potential by enabling the connection of any sensor using the common 4-20mA protocol

    AKCP's uniquely open platform offers users the peace-of-mind that they won't be locked into the 'Apple' approach of closed systems, so they can build a system that suits them, and know they can easily accommodate any new requirements that might arise in the future.

  • Specialised Sensors & Control

    Specialist sensors for all types of deployments

    In addition to offering a wide range of environmental and power sensors offering capabilities that have become standard for networked monitoring systems (temperature, humidity, water detection, airflow, current, voltage etc), AKCP also caters for a number of niche applications and custom configurations of your monitoring system. AKCP's 'Swiss-army-knife' approach means it provides an exhaustive feature set that enables the user to tailor almost any monitoring solution they could possibly require. Given the well evidenced benefits to automating previously manual tasks, many businesses are starting to thinking outside the box about how using an Internet-of-Things (IoT) solution can help them save time and money.

    Specialised sensors
    AKCP offers multiple options for monitoring fluid levels in tanks, particularly fuel level
    Fuel tank & generator monitoring

    Users with generators deployed at remote sites like base transceiver stations can utilise numerous sensor probes designed to keep tabs on fuel tank levels. The Tank depth pressure sensor and Ultrasonic fuel level sensor can be configured to directly notify maintenance personnel of the need to refuel across a network of remote sites, cutting down on unnecessary travel costs and optimising maintenance schedules. When combined with monitoring of your generator's operation via Modbus (RS485), you can glean further insights such as output, engine run-time, oil level and more. You can also get alerts of possible fuel theft, such as if the fuel level is dropping but the generator is not running.

    Automated control responses to critical events

    Take your monitoring system to the next level by introducing automated controls. AKCP makes it simple with their range of sensor-controlled relay devices, enabling you to easily trigger intelligent responses to certain sensor events (e.g. switching on a fan when the temperature exceeds a certain threshold, turning on a light when motion is detected).

    AKCP offers a range of sensor-controlled relays that can be configured to trigger automated responses like switching of appliances, whenever certain sensor conditions are met
    AKCP's Mini sensor-controlled relay can be configured to trigger a larger relay to switch an external device, or to switch on low-power devices (up to 1A) like LEDs or buzzers
    Mini sensor-controlled relay

    This low-cost unit connects to the base unit via CAT5, allowing it to be triggered by sensor events configured in the AKCP software. An "Ext & 5V/GND" switch offers the option for utilising the 5VDC and 0.2A power output of the the AKCP base unit (5V/GND) to trigger a 5V external relay or actuate a low power device (up to 1W), or connect to an external voltage source (Ext) to trigger larger relays (up to 1A and 24VDC). This offers the flexibility to customise an automated system based on the specifications of your relay-switched devices and appliances. Users requiring higher voltage capabilities could use the AC/DC sensor-controlled units to actuate heavy duty relays (>24VDC) if required.

    AC/DC sensor-controlled relays

    These sensor-controlled devices connect to your power supply, allowing the user to directly switch AC or DC loads via the internet. This gives the user the flexibility to configure automated responses linked to specific sensor conditions relating to any AKCP sensor connected to the same base unit as the sensor-controlled relay. Alternatively you can switch on connected appliances at the click of a mouse via AKCP's web interface, or via 3rd party SNMP software, facilitating remote management of critical facilities.

    Featuring a range of advanced materials and in-built safety features, these sensor-controlled relays are tough enough to withstand power fluctuations. Metal Oxide Varistors (MOVs) and Snubber circuits protect the open contacts of the relay from high voltage spikes or noise transients, and a 10A fuse safeguards against excessive current surges. 

    AC sensor controlled relay
  • CCTV Cameras

    Digital (compatible with):
    • securityProbe5ESV Series
    • Door Control Unit
    High def digital IR camera

    High resolution digital IR camera

    High resolution digital IR camera

    High resolution pan and tilt dome camera

    Analogue (compatible with):
    • securityProbe5E Series
    • securityProbe5ESVA Series


    Universal mount digital camera

    Universal mount digital camera

    Pan and tilt dome camera

    Pan and tilt dome camera

    The powerful AKCPro Server software saves you time by synchronising sensor events like opening/closing a cabinet door to your video timeline
    Full visibility throughout your critical infrastructure sites

    In addition to offering a range of CCTV camera options for video surveillance of sensitive areas, entry/exit points and other critical sites, AKCP's powerful browser-based software can integrate any ONVIF-compliant IP camera to receive and display its footage (older cameras with analogue BNC outputs require a securityProbe base unit). Through AKCP's handy event-synchronisation feature, sensor events (like the opening of doors or cabinets) can be overlaid on the video timeline, allowing the user to easily find the footage they are looking for.

  • RFID Swing Handle Locks

    An all-access solution to securing critical facilities

    One of the many things that sets AKCP apart from competitors and truly makes it a complete solution is its integration of professional security and access hardware option backed by the powerful AKCess Pro Server software. Their hardware ecosystem includes:

    • Security sensors (door contact, motion sensors, smoke detectors)
    • Access readers (RFID, biometric)
    • Electronically controlled locks
    • Exit buttons
    • Fit for purpose base units combining access and monitoring capabilities
    RFID swing handle lock

    Combining an RFID access reader, electronically controlled lock and a keylock for manual override, AKCP's RFID swing handle unit can be easily added to your SP+ monitoring platform to ensure only authorised people can gain entry to cabinets in your server room or data centre. Optimise your compliance by easily retrieving audited data trails based on specific cabinet or enrolled person. One of AKCP's industry leading Rack+ solutions for intelligent monitoring of computer cabinets, it can be combined with features like thermal map sensors, in-line power meters, status lights and LCD displays. Optionally, the software can visualise door status (open/closed) as part of the thermal map graphic.

    RFID swing handle lock and door status visualisation
  • Door & Cabinet Control Units

    AKCP's Door Control Unit can support a large network of CCTV cameras, access readers, electronic locks, as well as AKCP intelligent sensors.
    Door control unit (DCU)

    The compact yet powerful Door control unit (DCU) combines the ability to connect high definition CCTV cameras, a wide range of access readers (including fingerprint scanners), electronically controlled locks, as well as providing ports for connecting AKCP's wide range of environmental and other sensors via RJ45. This unique base unit offers a range of other features:

    • SD card slot (<16GB) enable storage of video footage in the device
    • Full Modbus support (Modbus Master / Slave, Modbus RTU, Modbus over TCP / IP)
    • Time and attendance integration with AKCess Pro Server
    • Optional connection of USB cellular modem enables SMS and voice call alerts (using audio out port to play automated messages)
    Cabinet control unit (CCU)

    The Cabinet Control Unit (CCU) connects to expansion port of the DCU (or one of the securityProbe base units), offering a streamlined access control solution specifically for cabinets. It offers:

    • Integration of AKCP's RFID card reader
    • Connection of AKCP's electro-magnetic cabinet lock and/or 3rd party locks
    • 2 x RJ45 ports for AKCP intelligent sensors
    • An expansion port enabling daisy-chaining of more CCUs
    AKCP's cabinet control unit offers comprehensive access and monitoring for cabinets
  • AKCPro Server

    AKCPro Server is a centralised management platform, combining environmental and security monitoring, access control and video recording. Its multi-faceted and feature-rich user interface offers rack visualisation, complete with cabinet thermal maps and door status, drill down mapping, asset tracking, plus much more.

    Cross platform access

    AKCPro Server can be accessed via the HTML5 interface on any web browser (Chrome and Firefox recommended), meaning you can check in on your infrastructure on any internet enabled device - smartphones, tablets and laptops (provided they have access to the network the server is hosted on).

    Access the AKCPro Server via web browser on any device
    Simply add a new desktop by clicking the + button, choose from a pre-defined list of layouts, then drag and drop the content you want!
    Customise desktops for different users and applications

    AKCPro Server allows you to simplify complex sets of monitoring data by creating custom desktops which can be organised into folders, so different personnel from various departments can call up the information they need with the click of a mouse. Desktops can be populated with a range of content: sensors, graphs, gauges, video feeds and maps. Opt for a pre-defined layout or build your own by dragging, dropping and resizing different widgets to your own exact specifications.

    Drill-down mapping

    With the ability to compile data from multiple base units across wide geographic areas, AKCPro Server offers centralised monitoring for large user groups and organisations. With the option to configure customised maps graphing critical sites across the globe, specific rooms within sites, and even hardware deployed on an intra-cabinet level via rack-mapping, this powerful software places all the information you could ever need in one place. 

    AKCpro Server allows for multiple user logins and customised permissions, enabiling large organisation to manage personnel effectively across distributed sites.
    Easily add multiple users and define permissions
    Configure different user permissions

    AKCpro Server allows for multiple user logins and customised permissions, enabiling large organisation to manage personnel effectively across distributed sites.

  • IP-based Monitoring

    Thanks to each AKCP base unit's embedded web server, users can get up and monitoring straight away by entering their base unit's IP address into a web browser of a computer on the same network. Thanks to the powerful CPU and on-board memory of SP+ base units like the SP2+ and SPX+ units, IP-based monitoring offers most of the features of the full AKCPro Server option. The main limitation of this method is that data is limited to one IP address, and therefore one base unit (with the exception of base units that are daisy-chained to one another).

    IP-based monitoring offers many of the features of AKCPro Server, and even some unique features
    View rack maps, customise desktops and even configure actions to intuitive widgets

    Deployments based on SP+ base units enjoy most of the rich features available in AKCPro Server, and even some unique features. For example, the "Add button action" icon at the top right of the screen offers a choice of colourful button and switch widgets which can be configured to trigger actions like switching of relays, sirens, lights, or notifications via SNMP, email and more. End-users with smaller deployments limited to one or two rooms can take advantage of the 'plug-and-play' functionality of the device-embedded software, without missing out on any of the useful features of AKCP's software platform.

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