Committed to our clients, our employees and our environment

Having held the ISO 9001 standard since 2010, AS 4801 since 2011 and ISO 14001 since 2012, Duons Pty Ltd continues to uphold and improve systems and policies to ensure that:

  • We provide quality products and a high level of service to our clients, maximising their returns and providing accountability at every stage;
  • We take care of our key resource - our people - by treating them with respect, offering them opportunities for growth, and providing a safe and supportive working environment for all;
  • We minimise our environmental impacts through a focus on energy efficiency, technology repairs and workplace recycling initiatives.
 e-waste is one of the fastest growing types of waste in Australia

Tackling the growing problem of e-waste

Australians are among the highest users of technology globally, and as a result, electronic (e-waste) is one of the fastest growing types of waste generated. At the core of Duons business, we are involved in making sure aging technology does not end up in landfill, where it takes up lots of space and potentially leaches hazardous substances into the soil and waterways.

We achieve this in a few different ways. Primarily we use our expertise in end-of-life technology repair and maintenance to keep aging technology working so it does not need to be disposed of at all. When an item of technology is deemed unrepairable, our experienced technical team have the ability to salvage any usable components and materials that may be utilised for future repairs. Any remaining materials are responsibly recycled by an approved service provider.

Through all our repair work - whether it is providing critical repairs to the Australian telephony network through our contract with Telstra, or just helping a member of the public or small business owner get a few more years use out of their valued device - we are committed to minimising the impact of e-waste on the Australian environment.